Fertility and Chinese Medicine

Many women are now using Chinese Medicine as a primary source of their treatments while others use it to support their western reproductive treatments. The popularity of Chinese medicine is increasing because it works.
Nowadays, western doctors are becoming aware and approving the use of acupuncture and herbs because they see the results, and it is undeniable that something beyond their scope of understanding is taking place. They are also becoming aware that western medicine has many limitations. One of the main issues with modern treatments of infertility such as IVF and IUI is that the procedure is almost entirely the same for every woman regardless of their condition. Making things more complicated is that people are given single phrase diagnosis such as PCOS or LPD or high FSH to a very complicated and delicate human system that involves the interplay of many factors beyond our measure. Furthermore, women are not given many options if the general treatment protocols are not successful.
Thankfully, in this day and age, there are many alternate avenues to choose from that have gained the acceptance of the public and are entering into the mainstream. This development has elevated the treatment of fertility to new standards. And with the integration of traditional methods with modern science, the practice of Chinese medicine for gynaecology and fertility has reached an unparalleled level of sophistication.
How does acupuncture and Chinese medicine work for pregnancy? Simply put, it does so by restoring the body to a state of health where all the systems, hormones and organs are functioning in balance with one another. With the balancing of “body energies” treatments are also focused on the reproductive system to achieve a healthy pregnancy for mother and child.

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